Wednesday, September 18, 2013


This is Ann's husband, Jeff.  I have hijacked her blog for an important post.  I realize that this is unlikely to apply to most all of you who read this, so I apologize now for thrusting this upon you.  But I have to say it somewhere and this is where the most people are likely to see it.  So here we go.  I will put this as graciously, softly, and gently as I can.  We don't want to hear any stories about people who have died, or are dying, of cancer.  This, of course, doesn't apply to our friends and family as we obviously already know about them and love them.  But frankly, the stories we already know are enough baggage to take into this battle.  So enough already of telling us about other people we don't even know.  I'm tired of an exhausted Ann having to take up for you dumbasses.  "They're trying to be helpful," she says.  How the hell could you possibly think that regaling us with random stories of people we don't know dying of cancer could possibly be helpful?  "They had a different kind of cancer," or "they had a different stage of cancer," or "but their cancer metastasized and yours hasn't," or "they had a great attitude" are not reasons for telling us about these people. Duh!  As our kids used to say.

So, be positive, or be positive that I will track you down.

Sorry, but this was as much graciousness as I could muster at this time.  Believe me, the first draft had much harsher words.

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